The Company is committed to complying with its continuous disclosure obligations pursuant to the Corporations Act and Listing Rules set by the Australian Stock Exchange. Specifically, the Company’s policy is to ensure compliance with Listing Rules 3.1, 3.1A and 3.1B.

Anagenics has established procedures to ensure that the share market in which the Company’s shares are traded is properly informed of matters that may have a material impact on the price at which the Company’s securities are traded.

The Board of Directors and CEO are responsible for the ongoing review of information which may be material, making disclosures to the ASX and issuing media releases on behalf of the Company.

To ensure clear, consistent and appropriate information, the Chairman and the CEO are the only Officers authorised to speak to the media.

Communications with shareholders

The Board of Directors aims to ensure that the shareholders are informed of all major developments affecting the Company’s state of affairs. Information is communicated to shareholders through:

  • the Annual Report
  • the Interim Report
  • disclosures made to the Australian Stock Exchange
  • notices and explanatory memoranda of Annual General Meetings
  • the Annual General Meeting
  • occasional newsletters from the Company to specifically inform shareholders of key matters of interest
  • and this website.


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