We will act responsibly and commit to continually reduce the environmental impact resulting from our business as follows:

  • We minimise our contribution to landfill by using recyclable materials in our packaging
  • We participate in industry funded recycling schemes, such as the The Grune Punkt program, where we fund the recycling of the products we sell.
  • When introducing new products into our range, and when updating existing products, we will seek to use innovative materials with improved recyclability and biodegradability.
  • At an ingredients level we aim to source those with minimal environmental footprint or those that are produced through organic and/or sustainable farming practices.


Our core values include diversity and respect of all genders, cultures, religions, and races.  We act to live up these values and contribute to society:

  • We encourage support and respect for our employees and endeavour to work with suppliers and vendors that respect internationally accepted labour and human rights.
  • We provide an inclusive and supportive culture that is fair and responsible.
  • We are committed to providing solutions for the problems faced by an aging population and develop products and services that contribute to healthy longevity.


The Board is committed to the delivery of the highest levels of honesty, integrity, and transparency in a way the Company’s business is conducted. Anagenics will:

  • work against fraud, corruption and any action that would undermine the business.
  • comply with the regulatory requirements in the jurisdictions we operate in, conducting our business with customers and suppliers according to local laws.
  • maintain true and correct financial records of our business and undertake regular independent audits.

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