Date Announcement
20/12/2013 Cleansing Notice and Appendix 3B
18/12/2013 Results of Completed CK3000 Diagnostic Study
11/12/2013 $2 Million Capital Raising
25/11/2013 Appendix 3B and Change of Interests of Substantial Holding
25/11/2013 Change of Director’s Interest Notice – Maria Halasz
25/11/2013 Cleansing Statement
22/11/2013 AGM Presentation by CEO
22/11/2013 Results of Meeting
20/11/2013 Change in substantial holding
18/11/2013 Proposed Issue of Shares
30/10/2013 Release of Shares from Voluntary Escrow
23/10/2013 Appendix 4C – quarterly
21/10/2013 Annual Report to Shareholders
21/10/2013 Notice of Annual General Meeting and Proxy Form
18/10/2013 Key Antibody Patent Granted in Japan
08/10/2013 Key European Patent for Anti-Midkine Antibodies Granted
04/10/2013 R&D Tax refund received
03/10/2013 Midkine antibodies effective in cancer
20/09/2013 Cellmid Signs Major Japanese Distribution Agreement
19/09/2013 Independent Valuation Report of Advangen Inc Japan
18/09/2013 Cellmid CEO Presents at Brokers Meet Biotech
10/09/2013 Date of Annual General Meeting
03/09/2013 Change in substantial holding
28/08/2013 Appendix 4E and Preliminary Final Report
01/08/2013 Cellmid Received Pacific Edge Milestone Shares
29/07/2013 Cellmid Collaborates on Early Diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer
26/07/2013 Appendix 4C – quarterly
22/07/2013 Release of Shares from Voluntary Escrow
18/07/2013 Fujikura Exercises Option To License Cellmid’s Diagnostics
16/07/2013 Appointment of Company Secretary
04/07/2013 Change of Director’s Interest Notice
12/06/2013 Change of Director’s Interest Notice
28/05/2013 Settlement of Advangen Inc Acquisition Completed
20/05/2013 Cellmid News
08/05/2013 Advangen Acquisition
08/05/2013 CEO Presentation
30/04/2013 Change of Company Address
22/04/2013 Appendix 4C – quarterly
08/04/2013 Resignation of Company Secretary
26/03/2013 Cellmid Diagnostic Licenses Update
22/03/2013 Appendix 3B
13/03/2013 Cellmid Completes $2M Placement
04/03/2013 Change in Director’s Interest – M Halasz
19/02/2013 Change in Director’s Interest – M Rogers
11/02/2013 Cellmid Signs Midkine Diagnostic Agreement
29/01/2013 Appendix 4C Quarterly report
29/01/2013 Cellmid News
23/01/2013 Positive Data in Midkine Antibody Study in Kidney Disease
21/01/2013 European Patent Allowed for Treating Vascular Occlusive Disease
11/01/2013 Change in Director’s Interest – M Halasz
07/01/2013 Change in Director’s Interest – M Halasz



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