Date Announcement
18/12/2014 Cleansing Notice and Appendix 3B
15/12/2014 Cellmid Capital Raising
15/12/2014 Key Midkine Antibody Patent Granted
11/12/2014 Trading Halt
17/11/2014 Cellmid Signs Agreement with Zoetis
29/10/2014 Appendix 4C – quarterly
10/10/2014 AGM Presentation by CEO
10/10/2014 Results of Meeting
16/09/2014 Cellmid 2014 Annual Report to Shareholders
29/08/2014 Appendix 4E and Preliminary Final Report
18/08/2014 Cellmid News
29/07/2014 Appendix 4C – quarterly
16/07/2014 Cellmid Granted UK Patent for Use of Midkine for Hair Growth
15/07/2014 Landmark Study – FGF5 Critical Regulator of Human Hair Growth
20/06/2014 Quest Diagnostic License Update
19/06/2014 Manufacturing Partner Appointed by Cellmid
02/06/2014 Change of Director’s Interest Notice – Graeme Kaufman
20/05/2014 Notice of ceasing to be a substantial holder
07/05/2014 Key Milestone Completed: Cellmid Lead Antibody Selected for Clinical Trials
30/04/2014 Significant New Findings Presented at 3rd Midkine Symposium in Kyoto
28/04/2014 Appendix 4C – quarterly
22/04/2014 Release of Shares from Voluntary Escrow
15/04/2014 Cellmid Signs Mk Tribody Collaboration Agreement
31/03/2014 Presentation to the Market
24/03/2014 Cellmid News
27/02/2014 Appendix 4D and Half Year Report
17/02/2014 Cleansing Notice and Appendix 3B
10/02/2014 USA RNA/DNA Patent for Surgical Adhesion Allowed
29/01/2014 Chinese Distribution Agreement Signed for Hair Loss Products
28/01/2014 Appendix 4C – quarterly
06/01/2014 Change of Director’s Interest Notice – Maria Halasz



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