Date Announcement
18/12/2015 Change of Director’s Interest Notice – Maria Halasz
01/12/2015 Key Antibody Patent Granted in Europe
24/11/2015 Japanese patent granted for use of MK for hair growth
12/11/2015 AGM Presentation to Shareholders
12/11/2015 Results of Annual General Meeting
30/10/2015 Company Secretary Appointment / Resignation
27/10/2015 Appendix 4C – quarterly
12/10/2015 Cellmid 2015 Annual Report to Shareholders
12/10/2015 Notice of AGM / Proxy Form
28/09/2015 Announcement Date of AGM
15/09/2015 Cleansing Statement and Appendix 3B
09/09/2015 EGM Presentation
09/09/2015 Results of EGM
31/08/2015 Appendix 4E and Preliminary Financial Report
31/08/2015 Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement
27/08/2015 Cellmid Launching Major Advertising Campaign
13/08/2015 Change of Director’s Interest Notice – Dr Edward Fintan Walton
12/08/2015 Cellmid appoints EAS to support US Strategy
10/08/2015 Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting and Proxy Form
06/08/2015 CDY Newsletter August 2015
05/08/2015 Cleansing Notice and Appendix 3B
30/07/2015 Appendix 4C – Quarterly
30/07/2015 Cellmid Capital Raising
28/07/2015 Trading Halt
23/07/2015 Initial Director’s Interest Notice – Dr Fintan Walton
21/07/2015 Cellmid Appoints Dr Fintan Walton as Director
15/07/2015 Transcript of Investor Conference Call
09/07/2015 Cellmid Revenue Guidance Upgrade
07/07/2015 Dr Bryce Vissel to Chair Cellmid’s Scientific Advisory Board
01/07/2015 Final Director’s Interest Notice – G Kaufman
01/07/2015 Final Director’s Interest Notice – M Rogers
01/07/2015 Initial Director’s Interest Notice – B Gordon
30/06/2015 Change of Registry Address
29/06/2015 US Patent for Anti-Midkine Antibodies Granted
23/06/2015 Cellmid Announces Brain Cancer Program
17/06/2015 Cellmid Invited to Present at Breakfast @ BIO
15/06/2015 Positive Toxicology Study Results for CAB102
02/06/2015 Cellmid Signs Agreement with Maywufa
26/05/2015 Director Appointment / Resignation
19/05/2015 Appendix 3B
15/05/2015 Cellmid Secures $1M Loan Funding
29/04/2015 Appendix 4C – quarterly
15/04/2015 Positive Clinical Results for Cellmid Hair Growth Product
13/04/2015 Cellmid to present MK at World Congress of Angiogenesis
31/03/2015 Company Secretary Appointment/Resignation
10/03/2015 Change of Director’s Interest Notice
04/03/2015 Broker Meets Biotech Presentation
24/02/2015 Appendix 4D and Half Year Accounts
11/02/2015 Cellmid Newsletter February Issue
28/01/2015 Appendix 4C – quarterly
21/01/2015 USA Patent Granted for MK Treatment of Heart Failure
12/01/2015 Australian Patent Granted for Use of Midkine for Hair Growth



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