Date Announcement
30/08/2019 Appendix 4E
19/12/2017 Cleansing Statement and Appendix 3B
15/12/2017 Cellmid Placement to Strategic Investor
07/12/2017 Cellmid Secures New US Retail Partner for évolis®
05/12/2017 Cellmid Capital Structure Post Consolidation
28/11/2017 YPB and Cellmid Sign Agreement to Access Chinese Consumer Health Market
24/11/2017 Change of Auditor
23/11/2017 AGM Presentation to Shareholders
23/11/2017 Results of Annual General Meeting
23/11/2017 Update – Consolidation split/CDY
16/11/2017 Appendix 3B – Unlisted Options
15/11/2017 Appendix 3E and 3F
15/11/2017 ASIC Form 484
01/11/2017 Change of Director’s Interest Notice – Cross
01/11/2017 Change of Director’s Interest notice – Walton
31/10/2017 Cellmid presents at world congress for hair research
31/10/2017 Change of Director’s Interest Notice – King
26/10/2017 Cellmid opens first concept store in Tokyo
25/10/2017 Announcement of buy-back – Appendix 3C
25/10/2017 Appendix 4C – quarterly
24/10/2017 Proposed Consolidation of Securities
23/10/2017 Cellmid Annual Report to Shareholders
23/10/2017 Consolidation/split – CDY
23/10/2017 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy form
16/10/2017 Cellmid Appoints Dr Martin Cross as Non-Executive Director
12/10/2017 Date of Annual General Meeting
03/10/2017 Cellmid Receives $947K R&D Tax Credit
03/10/2017 Cellmid to Present at Proactive Investors Event
27/09/2017 2017 FY Results Investor Presentation
25/09/2017 Change of Share Registry Details
21/08/2017 Cellmid Completes US Consumer Study
03/08/2017 Cellmid Secures US Premium Retail for evolis
01/08/2017 Cellmid Receives Chinese Import Permits
28/07/2017 Notes to Appendix 4C
03/07/2017 Nature Paper: MK in Melanoma
19/04/2017 Notes to Appendix 4C
02/03/2017 Cellmids FGF5 Inhibitor Clinical Study Published
01/03/2017 Cellmid to Refinance R&D Loan Facility
28/02/2017 Appendix 4D and Half Year Accounts
07/02/2017 European Midkine Alopecia Patent Allowed
31/01/2017 USA Midkine Alopecia Patent Allowed
24/01/2017 Notes to Appendix 4C
18/01/2017 Cellmid Receives Australian Government Grant For Midkine Programme
18/01/2017 Change of Director’s Interest Notice – Maria Halasz



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