Date Announcement
12/12/2018 CDY- Cellmid Expects Record Sales in Q2 FY2019
19/11/2018 CDY – Cellmid Appoints Exclusive New Zealand Distributor
13/11/2018 CDY – Change of Directors Interest Notice – Eck
13/11/2018 CDY – Change of Directors Interest Notice – Halasz
12/11/2018 Appendix 3B and Cleansing Notice
08/11/2018 AGM Presentation to Shareholders
08/11/2018 Results of Annual General Meeting
07/11/2018 New Patents for Midkine Antibodies in USA and Europe
02/11/2018 Ikon Legal Action – Decision
02/11/2018 Trading Halt
01/11/2018 Cellmids Evolis Successfully Launched in USA stores
01/11/2018 Repayment of R&D Loan
31/10/2018 Investor Presentation
30/10/2018 Cellmid receives R&D tax credit
15/10/2018 Appendix 4C and Notes to Appendix 4C
09/10/2018 Appendix 4C and Notes to Appendix 4C
08/10/2018 Appendix 3B and Cleansing Notice
03/10/2018 Appendix 3B
03/10/2018 Cleansing Notice
28/09/2018 Appendix 3B
28/09/2018 Change of Registry Address: Automic P/L – Sydney Office
27/09/2018 Annual Report to Shareholders 2018
27/09/2018 Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement
25/09/2018 Change of Director’s Interest Notice_Bruce Gordon
24/09/2018 Clarification Announcement
21/09/2018 CDY Investor Newsletter – 21 September 2018
19/09/2018 Date of Annual General Meeting
19/09/2018 Full Year Statutory Accounts
14/09/2018 Becoming a Substantial Holder
13/09/2018 Change of Director’s Interest Notice_Cross
13/09/2018 Change of Director’s Interest Notice_Eck
13/09/2018 Change of Director’s Interest Notice_Gordon
13/09/2018 Change of Director’s Interest Notice_Halasz
12/09/2018 Appendix 3B
12/09/2018 Cellmid’s Lead Antibody Effective in Rare Chronic Kidney Disease
12/09/2018 Cleansing Notice
07/09/2018 EGM Presentation by CEO
07/09/2018 Results of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Members
06/09/2018 Appointment and Resignation of Company Secretary
03/09/2018 Cellmid Share Purchase Plan Completion
30/08/2018 Evolis USA Distribution Update
24/08/2018 Notes to the Appendix 4E
06/08/2018 Cleansing Notice and Appendix 3B
06/08/2018 Notice of General Meeting
31/07/2018 Cellmid Raised $9M via Share Placement
31/07/2018 Notes to the Appendix 4C – Growing Consumer Health Sales Drive Revenue Uplift
30/07/2018 Cellmid Share Purchase Plan
27/07/2018 Trading Halt
11/07/2018 Cellmid Updates on Distribution of evolis
02/07/2018 Cellmid Investor Presentation July 2018
30/05/2018 5th Midkine Symposium Reinforces Clinical Potential for Cellmid’s Biotechnology Assets
29/05/2018 Change of Address
02/05/2018 Cellmid to Commence Selling evolis into Chinese Market
24/04/2018 Cellmid Secures Bloomingdales USA Partnership for evolis
23/04/2018 Appendix 4C – Quarterly
10/04/2018 Cellmid Investor Presentation
09/04/2018 Cellmid Convening 5th Midkine Symposium in Munich
04/04/2018 Cellmid Signs Distribution Agreement for Fillerina
29/03/2018 Change of Director’s Interest Notice – Halasz
26/03/2018 Cellmid Appoints Dennis Eck Non-Executive Director
26/03/2018 Initial Director’s Interest Notice – Eck
14/03/2018 Change of Director’s Interest Notice – Halasz
21/02/2018 Confirmation of Release – CDY – Appendix 4D and Half Year Accounts
25/01/2018 Appendix 4C
10/01/2018 Record $2M Quarterly Sales for Cellmid’s FGF5 Inhibitors
09/01/2018 Cellmid Quarterly Operational update



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