Anagenics’ Policy on public Disclosure of information

All material price sensitive information in relation to the company’s business will be made public through the ASX’s announcements system in accordance with and subject to ASX Listing Rule 3.1. As soon as practicable, all announcements are subsequently published on the company’s website,, under the “Investors” section.

The company may issue news letters or other shareholder updates from time to time. These can also be found on the company’s website. Information and updates may also be provided at general meetings of the company.

Subject to the ASX Listing Rules:

    • the company will not generally comment on rumours or market speculation; and
    • trading halts or suspension from trading in the company’s shares or other securities on ASX may be necessary from time to time to facilitate an orderly, fair and informed market for the company’s shares or other securities.

Disclosure of sensitive information to third parties may be required from time to time in the ordinary course of the company’s business or for the purpose of particular transactions being considered, negotiated or entered into by the company. Where necessary, disclosure to the third parties will take place under formal confidentiality arrangements. To the extent not already bound by express or implied obligations of confidentiality, the requirement for a confidentiality or non disclosure agreement may be extended to bankers, brokers and professional consultants and advisers.

Authority to disclose information and make public statements

The CEO (Matthew Dudek), or in his absence a board designee, is the only authorised person to make disclosures to ASX. That would normally be done after consultation with the Board or Chairman of the Board unless circumstances warranted immediate announcement.

The CEO (Matthew Dudek), or in his absence a board designee, is also the only authorised person to make public statements or discuss company matters with individuals or groups not subject to formal confidentiality agreements with the company. Whilst the CEO is authorised to discuss publicly available information, he is not able to discuss with or disclose to individual shareholders/investors matters that are not released to the capital markets via the ASX. Furthermore, he is only able to discuss or disclose details of commercial or capital strategies to the extent that these have already been made public via the ASX announcements system.

For this reason it is a policy of Anagenics not to publically discuss company matters outside of formally organised general meetings of the company and investor, shareholder, industry and media briefings.

General Meetings may be attended in accordance with and subject to the terms of the company’s constitution and general law.

Investors/shareholders may register their interest in attending investor or shareholder briefings by contacting the company with their full name, address and contact details. Attendance at outside industry briefings (including briefings for analysts and brokers) is a matter for the organisers. Information presented during the course of briefings that is required to be disclosed or likely to be of interest to capital markets will be released to the market prior to the commencement of the briefing. Attendance at company organised briefings is by invitation and at the discretion of the company. Invitations may be made subject to conditions. Proof of identity may be required before entry is permitted.

Media inquiries should be directed to the CEO (Matthew Dudek).

Information on shares and other securities

If you have any questions regarding:

    • your rights or obligations as a holder, buyer or seller of company shares or other securities;
    • the suitability or otherwise of the company as an investment; or
    • the financial, taxation, social security or other implications of holding, selling or buying company shares or other securities

you should consult a professional adviser.

For specific information in relation to your individual shareholding or holding of other securities issued by the company from time to time, please contact Automic Registry Services, the Company’s registry service provider. Inquiries of Automic may be subject to their standard fees and charges from time to time.

Contact details for Automic Registry Services:

Automic Registry Services (Automic)

 Registered Address:   Level 5, 126 Phillip Street

Sydney NSW, 2000

 Telephone:  1300 288 664 (within Australia)

+61 2 9698 5414 (outside Australia)


 Investor portal:

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